Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Yellow Nails: 31 Day Challenge

I love yellow I really do but when I came to Yellow nails on the 31 day challenge I had nothing.  I was uninspired again. Sad day let me tell you.  So I went with a bright and shiny yellow as a base coat and sat on it for a little bit.  We had a dinner to go to with some friends and I didn’t want to just have yellow nails so I thought I’d stamp something on them.  Here is the result. 
 Yellow Nails” title=
I rushed the stamping which you can obviously see and the blue mixed with yellow to make a strange green tinge…Which being an art minor and an artist I should have anticpated but I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t. When we went to dinner my friend asked why I put yellowish green on my nails…. Lol. I just told her wait until tomorrow and the next time you see me they will be different as always, lol.

 Yellow Nails” title=

These were done with Barielle “Lemondrops”, Pure Ice “Celestial”, and BM 213

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