Friday, September 14, 2012

Holographic Blue Water: 31 Day Challenge

So the story behind these nails… I had a job interview and did not want really crazy nails so I did a classic French manicure.  After the interview I had the next four days off due to the Labor Day holiday here in the US and we had planned to go the Lake.  Well I can’t stand to have the same manicure for more than about three days.  Halfway through the Lake trip I got antsy.  We had gone to the Mall and I visited Sephora.  I got three new polishes.  I got Sephora by OPI “opalescent blasted”, Sephora by OPI “Cartwheels on the Catwalk” and Nails, Inc Holographic topcoat. 

I have a horrible habit of picking at my nail polish if it starts to chip.  Usually it doesn’t happen because I am at home and can just take off a peeling polish but stuck up at the Lake I didn’t have any of my things.  So when the color began to peel I started to take it off.  The next day… dun dun dun… I broke a nail.  So I decided to take them all shorter and start over. 

I did a coat of the lovely dusty blue that makes me think of robin’s eggs.  It says it’s supposed to be a green but I didn’t see green at all.  I then put the holographic topcoat on top of it.  When I got home at the end of the trip I stamped on it with my new Red Angel plates.  (I love these plates, really cute full nail designs.) 
Holographic Blue Water Nails” title=

Holographic Blue Water Nails” title=
Blurry for sparkle

Holographic Blue Water Nails” title=

Side Note:
I absolutely love the Nails, Inc holographic top coat.  It is not a linear holographic it is a scatter but what it lacks in linear it makes up in shine.  This holographic shows up in almost all lighting; Indoors, shade, outdoors, the Sun. It is so pretty.  I love holographic nail polishes but I get disappointed when they are only really sparkly in the sunlight.  I work indoors and I want some glitter at work too.  So I must say this was a good buy. 
Holographic Blue Water Nails” title=
Glitter indoors

These were done with Sephora by OPI “Cartwheels on the Catwalk”, Nails, Inc Holographic topcoat, Pure Ice “Celestial”, and RA 106